10,000 Buddhas

Ready for another trip down Hong Kong lane? This time I am taking you to Sha Tin. It's located more inland towards China in the district New Territories. It also happens to be where I went to junior and high school! You can imagine my surprise when I found out this tourist attraction was pretty much next door!

Hidden away by a small village on the edge of the city, the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is a great attraction I recommend visiting whilst on your stay! Just remember to bring lot's of water. There's even more steps to this monastery than there was to the big Buddha at Ngong Ping.

Don't worry. There are little pit stops along the way. Once you reach the top, there are more Buddha statues for you to snap pictures of! Wonderful temples located on the hill with views of Sha Tin. Of course, out of respect, I didn't take pictures of the insides of these temples. People do come here to pray guys so just saying!

Again, the main temple was laced with golden miniature statues and a lovely centre pieces and some prayer stools. The quietness felt so tranquil.

Now, you'll reach this area thinking wow, lovely, lovely, nice, nice, but guess what, you're still not quite at the top! With even more stairs (I counted 400, I know there was more but I lost count at some point on the journey).

 This part is my favourite. Leaving the most beautiful for last, at the very top sits this lovely lady over looking Sha Tin.

Isn't it stunning! I particularly adore the little waterfall that falls behind her. Although a tourist attraction, you'll find not as many visit this monastery. I like that. Less crowds and a lot more peaceful. I really enjoyed my morning here and I hope if you visit Sha Tin, you'd enjoy it just as much.

Alexis xoxo