Hong Kong

The ONE thing that hit me like a train to a wall, was the HEAT. The HUMIDITY. The fact that two seconds outside already had me melting like an Ice Cream cone in summer. Everytime I've gone back, I've always gone during December, so the heat was not so bad. I haven't experienced a Hong Kong summer since 2007 and it was a shock. I had completely forgotten what it was like and now I finally understood why the only makeup I ever used to wear was liquid liner. Literally. That's it.

After travelling for about 21 hours, which included a stop over in Dubai, my sister, brother and I were shattered and couldn't wait to lay our head down for a good night's kip. On my first OFFICIAL full day back home, my sister and I immediately went to find some chinese food. The freshly steamed dim sum and fried rice was sourly missed. Even drinking authentic green tea from authentic chinese tea pots in little authentic chinese cups became the simplest of pleasures. This also was the  perfect oppurtunity to work on my rusty cantonese. 

The Gold Coat is a great place to visit if you wanted to venture out a little bit from Hong Kong's busy centre. Quiet, with a lovely beach, I remember hanging out here a lot as a teen which included bottles of beer by the shore, walks down the pier and conversations in the square. The memories were flooding back, as it always does when I come home, 

Brunch was AMAZING. My sister and I went all out not caring how bloated we'd be in the end but this meal was long coming. It's something we have been dreaming of since the last time we visited. Some of our order, as shown above, consisted of chicken in sticky rice and large prawn rolls. Everything in Hong Kong tastes fresh and clean. The subtle smell of chinese food, the hint of flavour in a simple prawn roll. If you haven't had this type of cuisine authentically cooked for you, I really recommend going to Asia itself and trying it first hand. I'm drooling just thinking about it now! If you ever do visit Hong Kong yourself? You are going to love the prices. You can eat your fill and more for cheap. You've just got to know the right places. Kung Fu Deluxe Dim Sum Kitchen makes all your steamed dishes fresh and you can sit outside with the pier as your view and enjoy the rest of the day having a conversation with gallons of green tea. (If you're like me)

The first week in Hong Kong, my sister and I stayed with my best friend of 11 years. It was so amazing seeing her. If we're lucky, we'd see each other twice every 3 years, if not, then it's once, just like it was this time around. Hugs and kisses everywhere, it was great to see her again and I always look foward to our reunions. As the good host she is, she recommended we go to Tsuen Mun City Centre and have a go at Vietnamese Food. As I have never tried this before, I was a little sceptical. We went to a restaurant called What the Pho. Yes, seriously, that is what it's called. LOVE IT ALREADY. If you're feeling blue, poorly or suffering from a terrible hangover, this is the food for you. Fresh noodles cooked in amazing broth with beef, chicken, pork, whatever you decide. Rice served in coconuts, it ticked all the boxes for me. 

OH! I hope you aren't much a fussy eater. Only because chicken and pork a lot of the time will come with bone. Sometimes MOSTLY bone. Although healthy, if you believe in all that, I can imagine for some it can be very off putting. No matter, I'd ultimately try asking in advance or find a restaurant that is more tourist friendly. 

Further into the week, we all ventured towards the city, Tsim Sha Tsui. If you are looking to see the famous city harbour and do a bit of shopping, this is the place to go. There will be a quite a bit of walking if you want to experience the city to it's fullest so I would recommend brining some excellent shoes. Hint Hint. If you don't fancy that, the MTR (kind of like the London Underground) is so easy to take as well. The London Underground to me, is annoyingly complex so you'll see what I mean by easy. Just beware of rush hour. Packed like a can of sardines will take the meaning to a whole new level. 

This particular picture was taken when it wasn't so busy. I did attempt to take a photo during the rush however, this only resulted in several photos of armpits and noses. Not quite something I wanted to present to you on my blog. 

If you ever meet me in real life, you'd know the passion I have for Hong Kong. Genuinely. I feel so privledged to have been born and raised there so little shout out to mum and dad. Thank you Mama for being Asian and thank you Daddy for deciding Europe wasn't for you. I know it gets a lot of crap (pardon my manners) for being rather polluted and dirty. Well hey, what do you expect. It's a city. New York is probably the same. Just like New York, Hong Kong has a famous skyline. That itself is probably one of my top favourite things. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! Can I go back now? 

If shopping is your thing, Tsim Sha Tsui is the place for you. High end stores everywhere including the Science Mueseum and more famously, the best place to view the skyline across the harbour. It's amazing seeing it in the day, but if you stay tuned for part 2, it's even more amazing at night! If you're feeling it, I'd recommend taking the Ferry at TST pier to Central, where even more shops await your arrival and here's the best part. Want to know how much is takes to get across? A mere 40p. You're welcome. 

Going to high school here was pretty amazing. Perhaps not to the extent where I am an utter genius because I studied ever so hard (don't make me laugh) but actually because of the complete opposite. The FREEDOM I had in Hong Kong. Whether I was skiving class (would not recommend), or going out after school, my favourite place to visit was Mong Kok. The Ladies Market is a MUST to have a gander. Why? Is it the endless crowds, the cheap street food, the hustle of it all? Nah, it's the fact that there are street shops that are FILLED (and boy do I mean filled) with every piece of merchandise you could ever need, CHEAP. Yes, there is a 70% chance it will break the next day but who cares! I'll have a pair of Pokemon Slippers please. Oh? It comes with a lighter gun, selfie stick and portable mini fan? Fantastic. I'll take the lot. 

Can I just say, my market bargaining skills are ACE. You are not a true Hong Konger until you own the ability to bargain absolutely anything they sell in these particular streets. As my brother and sister kindly pointed out, I was on a roll that day. Go me! Excuse the quality of the photo as well, I had one if the shop ladies chasing me to try and get me to buy something. FYI. This happens. 

It was coming towards the end of the week and by this point, I had walked non stop, ate non stop and took photos, you guessed it, non stop. It was about time for some me time. The Golden Beach, situated at the Gold Coast is not your typical beach in Hong Kong. It's a lot more private and quiet. I guess that's why I love it so much. There are a lot of memories on this particular beach. It also happened to be where I had my 'I'm moving to the UK' leaving do. A night my best friend will never let me live down. A night of sandy feet, laughter and some rather awkward Michael Jackson moonwalking in the sea. Good times eh? Hope you liked this post. If you are looking to visit Hong Kong, PLEASE let me know. I can help you with all sorts of questions to make sure you have the BEST stay. Stay tuned for even more posts coming your way, all to do with the lovely cit of Hong Kong.

Alexis xoxo

Hong Kong