I've Moved!

Hopefully this all goes according to plan. As much as I love my previous blog 'My Spoonful of Sugar', I want to create a blog that's a little more simple and lightweight. Almost like starting a whole new chapter in life. I want my content to remain very similar, just a whole lot better!

I've reached a different chapter in my life but there is one thing I always keep going back to. That's my blog. Ever since I started, it's always been something I've been completely fascinated in! The world of blogging is fabulous so as this is to be my new official blog, I want to touch up on a lot of personal things, personal style and travel! On the odd occasion I might even post a little beauty post as originally, that's what I wrote about and I am still a big makeup fan. I hope to see my readers join me here! What I will be doing is, easing my blog by previously posting things from My Spoonful of Sugar. Not much! Such posts like my Hong Kong Trip this year and therefore continuing Part 2 of that post here on this site. 

Alexis xoxo