Naked 3 for Autumn

22 October 2016

Autumn is all about the brown and rose hues, rose gold being one of the most popular colours this year. With Urban Decay's Naked 3, you get exacty that. I remember when this first came out thinking, oh my goodness, do I need this in my life. Did you?

I thought with my complexion, it might have been a bad idea, but it turned out there are some lovely shades to work with. In particular, this season, I've been using shades like Liar, Factory and Mugshot a lot. Even though they seemingly are quite dark, they give off this lovely brownish gold pink that really flatters my eye colour. Yummy! Buy in any Debenhams store or even better, order online for £38.50 if you haven't already. Such a must have palette!

Alexis xoxo

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