Rosy Lips with Bobbi Brown

26 October 2016

I am in love with my new purchase which also happens to be the first lipstick I bought from Bobbi Brown. As they have several different 'textures', this one in particular comes under 'creamy', I opted for a simple colour this time around. Something that almost matched my lip colour but gave it a bit of a pop if I wanted to go for a natural look. 'Rose Petal' is quite a universal colour and I believe would suit almost all skin tones. It's not too pink, honestly it's just perfect! The product itself is described as a 'neutral rose shimmer' and contains only the tiniest gold specs to add that extra shine. So worth the purchase. Smooth application too! It's become my favourite everyday lipstick for my day job. I wonder what else Bobbi Brown has in stall for me?

Alexis xoxo

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