Working in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham has it's quirks. This includes having small cafe's at your disposal around every corner. Now, I haven't tried them all as of yet, but I can say I have officially tried Urban. Although it is a branch situated in different parts of the country (which I didn't know about) I had the opportunity to visit the Urban right by my 9 to 5. First of all, delicious caramel latte. Secondly, their Menu is stunningly filled with all sorts of little cafe treats. Among my favourites, Avocado on toast of course. However, on this particular occasion I decided to opt for a more 'comforting' choice. American Pancakes with Maple Syrup. Yum!
If ever you do happen to come across an Urban, I genuinely encourage you to take a peek! See what you like on their menu and just enjoy it's rustic atmosphere. If I had more time on my Lunch break, I know where I'd be going.

Alexis xoxo