I think we can all agree we held our middle fingers up to 2016 and welcomed the new year with open arms. At least I know I did. This year I am making it all about me and my future. I'm not one for new years resolutions as I know for a fact that just leaves room for temptation. (Reality check - I am not giving up chocolate. ) Besides all that, I've decided on a few things to help turn this year into a big one!

I'm going to be a little honest in this post as I think it's important to establish the fact that blogging to to me is a great escape from the grasps of reality. As much as I like to try stay positive and make the most of what I've got, I sincerely find it a struggle most days. In all honestly, I'm rather good at 'shaking it off', but there are times where I re-think things over and over again wondering whether or not I imagined the whole thing, contemplating if I am borderline losing my mind.

From that, I have made it my utmost determination to make 2017 a year about progressing and learning. These are values I believe you can never get enough of. Life in itself is a learning curve. It either makes you or breaks you. I, of course, plan for it to make me. I already have made myself a list (a rather long one I might add) of things to DO and ACHIEVE.

I have a tendency to be disappointed if things don't go according to plan. However, although these are 'Goals', I know not to beat myself down if I don't achieve everything on that list. Why? Because that's Life. You can't plan your future completely but you can build it. Just like growing patches in your back garden, you could imagine a field of sunflowers but in reality, you have the possibility of rain, insects or your dog that all act as 'bumps' on the road towards success. Is that completely in your control? No. Therefore I will not be fighting it but let the pieces fall where they may. Hope you enjoyed my little motivational rant. Let me know your thoughts.

Alexis xoxo