There is nothing like having that one bag that fits anything and everything you own and still makes a statement. Speaking of which, this is where I introduce my one of many tote bags I have lying around. My Paul's Boutique 'Monochrome' Tote was bought in the sales and score, it's gorgeous.

I opted for a Black and White bag, mostly because it absolutely goes with anything. I also adore it to pieces, due to the fact that it feels like it came out of an M.C Escher painting.  Completely spacious inside and they all come with a funky little keychain to finish it off. Granted they're not the most 'minimal' bags you can purchase in comparison to your YSL's and your Michael Kors, but when it comes to statements, I'd have to say Paul's Boutique have got it spot on.

The Look: Karl Lagerfield Glasses: £120 | Zara Scarf - £18 | Asos Oversized Coat - £80 | River Island Jeans - £40 | Adidas Trainers - £75

If your'e feeling like you just want to go bare minimum on your outfit but still look like you have your shit together, a signature bag is the way to go. At least in my books, nothing beats it. Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear what bags you guys have to offer.

Alexis xoxo