With Spring just around the corner, the catwalks are alight and the trends are piling in. In this little visual post, I have researched throughout the media(*) and the magazines(*) and found my favourites. These picks are also picks I know are WEARABLE for me and matches my personal Style.

Always love a good Trench Coat - I have my eye one a Maxi Trench Coat because - why not!

Yellow is such a bold colour and such a perfect Spring piece. I don't actually own a lot of items in this colour but I DO have my eye on some yellow pumps I can wear for work.

The Bralette has come back! Not everyone feels comfortable in wearing a Bralette out and I completely get that. I am the same. I just like layering it with a nice shirt for 'effect'.

I have seen slogans everywhere so far and I love that it's become a trend. An easy way to make a casual outfit look 'fashionable'.

Is it just me or am I totally getting an 80's vibe? Love it! Bright bold stripes instead of your black and white would look great with a pair of black heels.

Kind of like the Bralette, this looks GREAT when layering. From shirts to jumpers - Bring on Spring!

No way, a trend where I can by trendy and lazy at the same time! I LIVE in my leggings when I'm at home. I mean come on, they're so comfortable! I'm just glad I can get away with it in public. 

Along with the flared sleeves trend that has sky rocketed the end/ start of the years, Ruffles have become increasingly popular over the past few weeks. Finish with a clean cut pair of trousers and, muah, you have a great outfit.

I find these really cute. Obviously, for someone like me however, I am going to absolutely struggle fitting ANYTHING in it but oh well, just look how tiny!

Now for the complete opposite. It's gone from just about fitting my hand in a bag to discovering you are carrying Narnia on your way to work. Probably would be a nightmare trying to find your car keys as I struggle enough as it is now but heck, why would I not want a huge bag?

I love my jewellery and as the years have gone by, earrings have become more and more extravagant! Nowadays, I don't always wear statement jewellery but for this trend I'll make and exception.

I'm hoping you guys found a trend you reckon you'd LOVE to follow for the Spring season. Let me know what you think! To shop the trends check out my 'Shops' page, here.

Alexis xoxo