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28 March 2017

I've always been a big fan of the colour pink. Now that Spring has sprung on us this week, it now seems all the more appropriate to start wearing it again. However, due to my skin tone, I have to be very particular of the sorts of pink I have to wear in order to not look too overpowering. Bright pinks are in this season if you didn't already know. As it always seems to be this time of year which in my books, is totally acceptable, I have started introducing a bit of pink to my beauty routine as a little starter.


Is anybody as exited as I am that the sun is finally out and beaming!? I don't know what it is about a bit of sunshine, but   here in the United Kingdom, as soon as some light comes into the country, everyone starts becoming raving mad. Not like I am complaining. I find it rather refreshing to see smiles of peoples faces, everything just seems to click a lot easier than it usually would.

Today's post touches up on my go to pink beauty products at the moment involving brands such as MAC, KIKO, Victoria's Secret and NARS. Fantastic brands, all of which I adore. I love a good touch of pink. This includes some DIY pink manicures and pedicures and even a lovely floral scent to go. All of these add up and just add a spring to your step (in the literal way). 

This little lipgloss actually came with one of NARS's well known NARSaccist collections. Absolutely bargain if I do say so myself. This little tube contains a subtle pink shade that just adds a slight pop and gleam to your everyday routine. Whenever I'm in a rush to get to work, this is my number one pick up for a fresh look. 

My Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist is AMAZING. I personally got it as a gift. I never thought to get one out of nowhere as I have my range of perfumes to rely on. But This mist has never left my bag. It's there for when I need it and it smells wonderful. The mist itself is £20.00 pounds at your closest retail store and it lasts for ages! Absolutely gorgeous and I totally recommend it. There is a whole range to chose from so if you want to take a gander, check out their UK friendly beauty website here.  Although brief, I hope you guys enjoy this little read. Expect more things coming soon on the blog. I have several posts up my sleeve that I hope you guys will enjoy.

Lots of Love, 
Alexis Anne xoxo

P.s  For more pinky madness shop the links below.


  1. Amazing products - pink is so good for spring days! I really would like to try Victoria Secret perfume, it sounds so great!

    My Fashion BLOG by Maria

  2. I'm happy for more sun to but the temps are still to cool for my taste where I live. I love thr color of the NARS lipgloss. Really pretty.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words guys!

    Alexis Anne xoxo


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