In the blogging world, especially in the fashion industry, there's almost a necessity to wear in trend heels/ pumps to complete any outfit. Even for myself, it wasn't until recently I discovered trainers are a great statement piece and can street up any style. Not to mention it's uber comfortable to wear and that's always a thumbs up in my books.

My Nike Roshe's are amazing. I couldn't believe how light they were when I first opened up the box. The best thing about trainers is that they are so easy to style up. Throw on some jeans and a nice jumper and your instantly living the street style dream. Perfect for those always on the move.

Styled with my favourite oversized coat and my oversized turtle neck knit, it was such a relieve to stay within my comfort zone and still pull off my personal style. Did I mention I was comfortable?

Just an easy post today for you guys. I apologise for not writing more in the past few weeks. Between my 9-5 and my blogging, I'm sure most of you can understand the struggle to keep up with content! Hopefully you've still found this a good read. As usual, I love and look forward to reading your comments. How do you like to style your trainers? Shop my look below.

Lots of Love,
Alexis xoxo