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13 March 2017 Birmingham, UK

I decided to do a little Beauty Post on all my favourite 'Shades of Red' when it comes to lipsticks, lip pencils and gloss. I've seen a lot of pink shades being thrown about but I haven't seen much red shades of lipsticks posts over the past few months. (That, or I'm terribly blind!).  As much as I love a pink lip, my skin tone sadly doesn't allow pink shades to suit me much. Not unless they borderline nudes or are quite bold/ bright in comparison. However, reds are a blessing for me and consider myself quite lucky to suit a red shade (trĂ©) well.

These are just some of my favourites. Mostly MAC (what a surprise), and they range from a collection of lipsticks and lip glass. You could probably guess some of these yourself. (Please pardon the quality of the pictures, I am in the brightest room in the house but there is no sunshine. I'm trying!)

Viva Glam Rihanna (Frost)
I got this YEARS ago when I first started trying out my lipsticks and becoming quite a collector. Still to this day, it's in my top three. I try not to use it a lot for fear I run out and will never be able to get again. It glides on wonderfully and lasts all day. It's a bright red with the perfect amount of sheen to it. Glide the matching lip gloss on top and my oh my, I've got to say the colour is stunning. I've always received a lot of compliments whenever I wear this particular shade. I think MAC should bring these back for a lot more people to try!

MAC Ruby Woo (Matte)
Another favourite and among one of the made shades well known in the Beauty world. A Matte texture, Ruby Woo is a lovely bright blue red kind of shade. Perfect if you want to look a bit glam.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Red-Volution 15 (Matte)
I got this on a whim. Absolutely adoring the Matte Lip trend, I had ventured into a drugstore wondering if there were others brands that could match up the type. I think Bourjois nailed it completely. Liquid lipstick that come in a range of different colours - this Red-volution in particular honestly stays on your lip for ages. 

MAC Diva (Matte)
This lipstick is a lovely dark red that instantly vamps up any look. It's a classic pick up for when I want to glam up my outfit. It is a matte shade so it's very bold. I like adding a bit of lip balm before adding this particular lipstick. Only because, out of all my matte shades, I find this one rather drying. Fear not! It still works like a dream.

MAC Hung up (Cremesheen)
Hung up is another lipstick that was possibly one of my first that I've ever bought! It used to be my all time favourite! (Don't get me wrong, still love it!) Now, it's  not quite a full blown red but more of a dark reddish plum. It's a creme sheen formula so it's very easy to apply. However, this also means it's prone to bleeding through. Pair it up with the right lipliner and your lips will be poutiful!

MAC Desire (Lip Glass)
Remember when I said Diva was a little drying? This lip glass is a total lifesaver if I still want to go for a dark pout. Alternatively, if I'm not feeling going for a matte shade, I add MAC's Desire on top of  Diva to just bring a shine to it. Still glamorous as fuck.

MAC Lip Pencils in Nightmoth and Currant
Last but not least, the two lip pencils of the collection. Firstly, Currant is a very dark red shade. I like to use this one to prevent my lipstick from bleeding through too much. The best pair up with this little product would be Ruby Woo and Diva. Because of how dark however, it really helps if you blend it thoroughly so as to not look like you've just drawn on your lips. Nightmoth is possibly one of the darkest lipliners you will find in MAC's collection. More plum than red, it really helps defining your lip shape for any dark lipstick. Glides on SO easily, it's a must have to any collection.

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There you have it. My top 'Shades of Red'. A lot of these products most people may tend to have anyway! BUT I just wanted to give a little shoutout to some of my faves. What's your red?

Lots of Love,
Alexis xoxo

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