Weekend Favourites

 This weekend has been all about looking for some blogging inspiration. I did this by breaking out a few books and looking for a way to really organise my lifestyle and blog. Blogging inspiration doesn't always come so easy! Every now and then, I have a whole day where lists and lists of post ideas come pouring out, but at the end of the day it comes down to one question. Where do I even begin?

So in this piece, I will just write down a few pointers that help, not only pamper me, myself and I, but also helped kick start those blogging bursts of content. First of. Whack out those books! It's amazing how a beautifully thought out book, fact or fiction, can change your mood in an instant. From beauty tips to personal lifestyle and even the odd classic novel, reading is such an wonderful way to cherish your me time. Naturally, as your mind starts processing all sorts of information, the ideas start flowing in.

If you're a beauty blogger, perfect. Going through your endless stash of makeup makes you realise you have products you totally forgot about! Grabbing all my lipsticks and drawing on a few swatches here and there was not only fun but also really great. I knew what I loved, liked and slated. Bam. Several blogging ideas already! And also some great giveaways to your family and friends.

As the hotter weather starts dawning on all of us, everyone starts to panic. "Time to lose weight!" they all say... I admittedly am one of these. One my favourite reads at the moment is 'Eat Beautiful' by Wendy Rowe. Why? Because it's packed with amazing tips and great food values to really help you understand the right foods for within and your skin. There is a correct way to diet guys! Reading this, really helped me try to understand the good and bad of food and the saying 'you are what you eat' plays a massive part to your moods and inspiration.

Good dieting also pushes your to cook. Yay! Cooking is therapeutical in my books. It really helps you think and motivates you to do more in the day. There is nothing more satisfying than cooking up a great meal and finding out you have skills in the kitchen. Its always a fab bonus when your food turns out to be blog and Instagram worthy. Am I right?

Like I said, reading plays a major part in my weekends and maybe it does for you too. Cooking, organising, girling yourself up are all great ways of just loving you. Once you love yourself and enjoy the things you do with that extra spoonful of sugar, everything starts falling into place. At least for me anyhow. I hope this helps you guys in your blogging rut. We've all been there and we all struggle, its always nice to see everyone's opinion and technique on how they spend their weekends too. So what's yours? 

Lots of love,
Alexis Anne xoxo


  1. I always rely on the weekend to find some new post ideas and this post is very inspiring! Taking the time to really go through my makeup collection always works for me as well! Lovely post :)


    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Weekends are the best for me time!

      Alexis Anne xoxo


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