April Wishlist

16 April 2017

The monthly Wishlist update has arrived for April 2017. A few basic items to add to both my personal style and my homewares collection. This bank holiday weekend (Happy Easter Everyone!) I'm all about changing up my interior to something with a little spring in it's step! I'm all about that white minimal space at the moment which suits the 'Spring Cleaning' phase we all seem to possess around this time of year. As for my styling, well, although the sun is out, perhaps not today, there's still a slight chill in the air therefore, I am still finding those statement layer pieces that you can find in the sales.

Warehouse Topstitch Jumpsuit (£30)
Browsing through the Warehouse Sale, this denim jumpsuit is perfect for the spring weather. Side it with a pair of tan wedges and you have yourself a Spring OOTD. Grab it now before it's too late! Gone down from £79, I'd say that's not too shabby.

H&M Homeware Candles
I personally love that H&M do interior / homeware items. All at such an affordable price too! There are a few lovely items to find there, at the moment my particular favourites are the candles. Due to the season, I'm aching for some floral scents to linger around the house. Each priced differently. For the candles with the vintage packaging, they are currently going for £12.99 in 'Lemon Grass' and 'Lavish Cotton'. For something a little more simple, their 'No. 1 Cotton' is selling for £3.99.

Missoma Open Arrow Necklace (£79)
I've been eyeing up this London Jewellery Store for quite some time now. I think, out of all their products, I love this particular necklace the most. Simple, elegant and minimal. Great to wear for casual and work.

Mango Structure Ruffle Blazer (£79.99)
Cute little layer piece in pink... (Of course) with a slight ruffle detailing at the sleeves. It can go with jeans or cropped trousers and just screams Spring to me.

Mango Leather Wrap Sandals (£49.99)
You can even match them with the sandals shown above. Another pink accessory with ruffles. I love the way these look and I think would make a great addition to the wardrobe.

I hope you guys liked this month's Wishlist. Although I have an endless amount of 'want' items, I felt these were a little more fitting for this month's season. Once again, quite a bit of pink. Thank you for having a gander. Let me know what you think and I wish you all a Happy Easter / Bank Holiday Weekend. I think its safe to say we all deserve this little break.

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo

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  1. The pink Mango mules are awsome :-*

    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de


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