Interior: Home Workspace

14 April 2017 Birmingham, UK

Your personal workspace is a key part of your home interior. The simplest of things can really help you on your day. Changing it up around or adding a new addition to your reads can make a small difference in your day to day activities. This Spring Cleaning, I decided to clear up my desk to help me be a little more productive. 

Due to lack of space, my work desk and my makeup routine are all in one. So I really pride myself on trying to keep everything in check so as to not want to rip my hair out if things are misplaced. 

My desk consists of a range of books, all of which you can easily find on Amazon. Both literature and for fun, all that I love flicking through whenever I'm looking for some ideas. As you can see, it's also where I have to apply my makeup. I love this spot because I have wonderful lighting which is always great for my photos and for a positive mindset. 

The majority of my furniture pieces come from IKEA. Yes, yes I know, it's just a standard place to go for your home interior details, but I still adore it myself and it's great when you're on a budget. Although it's not the most amazing of all interior spaces, it's my own. What's yours like?

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo


  1. I actually can't believe I don't have a work space, I just sit with my laptop on the sofa and work from there! I really want to get a desk and making a little space for work! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. I was like that at first! Once I got my own desk and all that, It just felt so much more different! When it's your own , you will feel so motivated to crack on with anything! Thank you for your response.

      Lots of love,
      Alexis Anne xoxo


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