Jewellery Quarter: Brunch

As I've mentioned in my previous post 'Urban', working in the Jewellery Quarter has it's advantages. This includes having all sorts of cafes at my disposal every lunchtime. Downside, my purse dies a little each time. However, this week, admittedly, my colleagues and I were massively craving a good all day English breakfast. Admit it, you love them too. I happened to have stumbled upon another cafe called The Coffee Tales and it was utterly delightful! The service was splendid and the brunch hit the spot just perfectly. If you're even within the Birmingham area, check out the various cafes in the Jewellery Quarter. A lovely quiet spot away from the main city with loads of choices to choose from.

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK