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17 April 2017

Looong weekends are good weekends and I know for a fact I justly deserved this break. In celebration of Easter, I went down to see my family for Easter Sunday which is always filled with laughs and shenanigans. It's just such a shame the weather wasn't as fantastic as it led me to believe earlier in the morning.

Being with my family is the best. Of course we have our ups and downs but we always find a way to laugh at the smallest of things. Easter Sunday for our family is usually filled with all sorts of cooking, games in the evening with most likely Harry Potter playing on TV in the background. It's not amazing but it's fabulous to me. But besides all this jibber jabber, what did you guys get up to this weekend?

The #OOTD - Recently, I have really enjoyed the trends that are coming out this season! Coloured Sunnies, Trench Coats (a must) and girly midi skirts paired with a simple tee! I've really tried to up my style game recently and I'm hoping it's paying off. What do you think?

I particularly love my skirt.  It has a pleated and lace detail all wrapped in one in a lovely blush pink. With the right pieces, it could easily be dressed down or up depending on what you partner it with.
Also! I am loving, loving, loving the sunglasses trend out there at the moment. Mine are from ASOS which are both stylish and affordable! I've added a few similar pieces in this post which you can find below.

Check out some of my other looks this season. 

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo

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  1. Your white pumps are totally adorable. I need some like that too :-*

    Melanie /


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