Styling for Comfort

7 May 2017

This isn't one of my typical Style posts that you'd find on my blog. Instead, I just want to talk about how I feel on styling how YOU want to style without feeling you have to dress for the occasion.

YES. Dressing for comfort is always an up and down subject. "Do I look like I just stepped out of bed?" "Leggings or not to leggings, that is the question." There is only so much you can do with a pair of our tightly fitted friends and half the time you don't even pick them as a choice of outfit because you don't want to seem like you're not stylish enough to own a pair of flashy trousers. However, on this day, I couldn't give two flying f--k's because I am all about the laziness.

And so the laziness begins. As I work long days and ALWAYS dress appropriately, it thought it was about time I took out my denim jacket and paired it off with my favourite trainers + my leggings. So suave, right?

And why shouldn't I? When you write your own blog, it can become quite easy to forget to be comfortable in your own skin as you almost feel like you have to dress to impress at every waking moment. Comfort is everything to me and on days like these, you just don't know what you could be doing. So screw it, bring on the hoodies and flip flops.

All I want to do on a weekend, is to just got for a drive, find a place that looks absolutely chillaxing, and take a break. On this sunny occasion, we happened to drive past the 'Half Moon Inn' by Bridgnorth. Stunning place to be when it's sunny as it's located right by a gorgeous river. Definitely a place you could stay by all day! At this point, I was glad I dressed in my leggings because halfway through the day, I decided I was the next Indiana Jones, climbed rocks and became one with nature.

How you want to dress should be totally up to you. If nobody likes the way you look, should that even matter? It can be easy to allow the media world to effect how you feel when you head out, even if its just a trip down the road. But let's not forget, deep down in all of us, we LOVE sitting at home in our jammies and just being ourselves and our leggings are our guilty pleasures. Wouldn't you agree?

Lots of Love, 
Alexis Anne xoxo

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