The Little Things

So today, this post is going to be absolutely dedicated to appreciating the uttermost tiniest/ simplest of things. Because that right there, is more meaningful than any handbag, shoe or lipstick. It's the smaller things that matter and what helps me remember that there is still lots to see and appreciate. It's just all about finding it.

The Smell of the Pages of a good Book
I love the smell of a good book. I don't know what it is but it always smells better when you're actually enjoying the book too! I am a big lover of Literature and I most certainly have a soft spot for all the classics. Don't worry, I don't go around sniffing books in every Library/ book store I visit, THAT, of course would be rather strange...

Freshly Cut Grass
Physically cutting grass, not so much. But there is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass on a spring afternoon that almost beckons summer to come sooner. Don't you think?

A Baby's Laugh
Maybe I'm brooding? But omg, babies laughing in general is absolutely adorable. I think what I love about it the most, is the fact that they don't quite know how to laugh yet? Or perhaps, understand that to laugh a certain way may have people look at them funny? A cackle, a snort? Pure innocence at it's finest. And let's face it, it doesn't take much to make them giggle.

The Sound of Rain against the Window
I love sunshine as does anybody. HOWEVER, I absolutely adore the sound of rain too. Heavy rain against the bedroom window is the best! Makes you want to snuggle even more into the sheets of your bed. Whether you're Netflixing and Chilling or reading your favourite novel.

& The Sound of a Thunder Storm
Boom, Clap, Snap, Crackle and Pop? It's so much fun listening to it and seeing flashes of light brighten up a room at night. I also like 'counting the seconds' between each lighting strike and thunder clap to establish 'how close the storm is'.

The Crisp Air on an Autumn Morning
I think the best seasonal change has got to be that ONE morning when Summer transitions to Autumn. It's when you go on with your daily commute as you do any other day and suddenly realise, gee, it's actually slightly chilly this morning, where is my scarf when I need it?

I don't even think this needs a more elaborate answer. For real. Best. Animal. Ever. End of story. (I still love all creatures big and small)

The Feel of Sand between my Toes
Some people actually HATE this! Like my boyfriend for example, and I just can't understand why. He prefers pebble beaches to sandy ones and two years ago, that just proved to me he was slightly insane. I tried this 'pebble' beach he so fondly spoke of. Tripped, slipped and cursed a few times ending up with enough bumps to look like I just got out of a cat fight. Sure, it's get a little grainy here and there but so what! It's so fun to be in the sand. Absolute comfort zone to me. Besides, no bumps. 

Making Daisy Chains
A few years back, my friend and I actually enjoyed sitting on a field and doing absolutely fuck all on a sunny weekend. What would we do? Without sounding like we popped out of some 'Little Women' novel (fabulous read by the way), we would chat and make daisy chains until it started getting chilly in the evening. 

A Stranger Smiling at You for NO Reason
People need to do this more. You don't get it a lot but when you do, you can't help but think "Aweee, what a nice person, I hope that person has a nice day". What's even better, you can't help smiling back! Did you know just smiling releases happy hormones in the body? Smile more. It suits us all.

In two weeks time, I will be writing up another 'Ten Things' post that I hope you guys will enjoy reading. I loved writing this ickle one and it really helped get me some positive vibes going and I only wish it reaches out to you too! These are my favourite simple things. What are yours?

Lots of love,
Alexis Anne xoxo