Madeira 1.0

Now, this is a bit of a reaching into the past kind of post. I visited this Island aggeees ago before I had started a new blog. In my previous blog, I wrote all about my adventures to Madeira and I am missing the island terribly! Sadly, I will not be returning this year due to having to save up to go home next year so it only seemed fitting I wrote all about it again for the second time.

First week in, the weather was spectacular, clear skies and diamond blue seas, I can honestly say, so far, I have never been to anywhere more beautiful. I fell in love with the island instantly. Jose, my boyfriend, is actually from this little island, so it's safe to say, I had my own little tour guide and oh boy, did he show me the best parts!

On the lovely little island, there is so much to do. I found myself surprised, considering how small Madeira is. Learning the language became a neccesity (or atleast knowing the basics). Only because between exploring every nook and cranny of the island and sun bathing with a cocktail at hand, I was also meeting family members left, right and centre! Just a note, my boyfriend has a rather large external family AND I now know 1 - 10 in Portuguese.

Seafood, not usually a huge fan. But, I jumped into the deep end and decided I was just going to go for it. I am so happy I did! I had the pleasure to fill myself up with the delights of fresh sea food. Among my favourites is a garlic butter cooked plate of Lapas (above).

On one of the high peaks of the island! There's this oppurtunity to go buggy driving! That, or Quad biking, whichever floats your boat. We got to do both. For 4 hours at a price of 70 Euros overall? I am not complaining. You got to see the more remote areas of Madeira and with endless views of mountain side and ocean.

The views were endlessly stunning. Luckily, instead of paying the cost of a left foot in terms of transportation, we were lent a car by our one and only dear friend Carlos. We visited various places such as Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol and the capital city of Funchal, we were all over the place!

I even got to go jet skiing for the first time ever and I am adamant, still to this day and therefore thoroughly believe that I was thrown off on purpose. However they may be room for an argument. I am clumsy, what can I say. Even so, even for my first time, Jet Skiing was amazing! A lot of fun and a way to REALLY enjoy a holiday. Besides the killer wedgie, surfing through those waves was a thrill.

Part 2 of my little Madeiran adventure will be a treat! Anybody else been so close to heaven?

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo
Madeira, Portugal