Madeira 2.0

Just as I promised, I have continued to write about my Madeiran trip and my second week was just as glorious as the first. 

Are you seeing these views? Now that it's Summer, if you are looking for a treat, I really would consider getting yourself to this island. It's quiet, beautiful and so full of surprises.

One of my favourite places to visit with the most exquisite views would be the tip of Madeira itself, Canical. Here, you can experience amazing cafe Portuguese dishes and go for a Hike in one of the most breathtaking views I have ever encountered.

Whilst getting our fit on, being tired was not an option. There was ocean all around us waves crashing at the bottoms of our feet, pretty dangerous, but completely worth it! I did myself proud.

In the above photos, you will see us visiting an old outpost by the sea. It even had a a 'royal cats' foundation going on at the very top. Which basically is a charity for the most pampered, sun kissed, lazy cats I've ever seen. I didn't think cats could get any lazier!

From Funchal, there is a cable car ride that takes you over the vast city and up towards the Jardim Tropical Monte Palace. Lovely little sanctuary dedicated to the Oriental Arts and a touch of historical Madeira Culture.

Coming to the end of the holiday became extremely daunting. One our second to last day before our departure, I drove up to the little town of Garajau, home to a religious symbol, a site of great value to the hearts of it's people, the Jesus statue, miniature, in comparison to the statue in Brazil, but all the more beautiful. After enjoying the view with a shot of espresso, we then drove off to do some go karting. Again, something I've never done before and something you NEED to try at least once in your life.

My experience ended with cocktails and sea food pizza, one last walk down the beach and our final drive around wherever. Madeira, you will be missed but I gurantee I shall visit your shores once again.  Oooh, I miss my sun tan. Reckon you'll be visiting? 

Madeira, Portugal