Things I'm Flicking through this Summer

A couple of reads I like to flick through while in the sun are probably things you've all heard of at some point or another. I don't know if it's the same for you, but tanning in the backyard is a bit of a pain. I have glorious access to the sun all day, wine at my disposal, however next door, the kids happen to own a trampoline and the dog does not like that. So a chance to kip in the heat is not an option. Between throwing their ball back over the fence a good dozen times and telling the dog off for barking too much, I like to just flick through a few things just to pass the time by. 


Useful thing to read through when you want to keep on track of the trends. My personal favourites are Elle Magazine and Vogue (cliche right?). Being a lover of fashion, these are the options I pick our for myself. Obviously, everybody has their own preferences. I like to grab a pen and circle bits that either inspire me or urge me to write about. If you don't like having a physical copy to read, the best thing is these magazines offer online apps that allow you to read the magazine all the same.

Eat Beautiful - Wendy Rowe

Love, love, LOVE this book. It's a lot f fun packed recipes that talk about eating healthier with the simplest of foods. It possesses information on a variety of ingredients than can really help your skin, hair, depending on which season. Fabulous book to look into if you want to change your lifestyle around a bit.

A particular favourite...

It's Not How Good you are, It's How Good you want to be - Paul Arden

A guide as you will, for motivation and inspiration. Another great lifestyle changer, especially on those days you feel down in the dumps. I have always grabbed this little book when I have felt demotivated at work. There are a lot of great tips in here on trying out different lifestyle approaches with another outlook. Again, great to read in the backyard and because of it's small size, it cuts through the bullshit with lengths and lengths of "self help" and just gets right down to the point. Recommend in anyone's selection.

Usually after this point, I've thrown the ball over 20 times and told the dog off a good 50. Short and crisp, these books are always my number one go to for 'garden library'. Hopefully you guys find this out for yourselves too!

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo