Touch of Colour Feat. Bobbi Brown

16 September 2017

Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite go to beauty brands. Over time, I have increasingly purchased my products from the store where you'll find some prize products that aren't overwhelming once used. My makeup routine consists of some pretty basic colours as I try to look as natural as possible when it comes to my makeup routine. Bobbi Brown has helped me achieve that natural glow with the products in this post.

This bronzer is the lightest shade in the collection. It swatches in the faintest brown (with a slight shimmer) and is so easy to build if you want to contour a little deeper. Even on my not-so-white skin, the product adds colour to my cheeks only slightly for a lovely "bronzed effect". The Illuminating Bronzer Powders are one of the few collections that work well on all sorts of skin tones AND come in a variety to fit all.

Brightening Finishing Powder in Nude (£42.00)
This product also comes in a small selection of different tones to play around with. Once again, I went ahead and purchased the one with the least amount of "colour" with just enough shimmer to make a difference. Now, although this is a finishing powder, I avoid using it all over my face at all costs. Instead, this little one is amazing as a highlighter. It's quite subtle with the right brush and really pulls off a healthy glow. Little tip: If you have oily based skin, avoid adding highlighter to the forehead as this will only make you look like you've run a marathon.

With Autumn (clearly) here, it's now the time I think about adding a slight glow as my skin starts to customise itself to the seasonal change. Think subtle folks!

Lots of Love,
Alexis Anne xoxo

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