A Charlie Brown Café

The sun is slowly making it's way into the skies here in Hong Kong and it's just in time for the Chinese New Year. Does that mean Spring is just around the corner? What better way to celebrate the near end of a cold winter than to brighten the day with a bit of yellow.

I'm not usually one to buy bright colours however, for a while now, I have wanted a mustard yellow item to help warm up my style a little. I have always been a massive fan of chunky knits so when H&M had this piece for grabs - I just had to have it. Surprisingly, my knit jumper is versatile with a number of my basic items. In this post, I wore it with my ultimate favourite black culottes from Zara but could easily be matched with a pair of crop jeans. I kept the look casual and comfortable with my typical Adidas classics.

One of the many great things about this city is the wonderful fact that it has almost anything
you can think of.

To my delight, whilst venturing the city - I bumped into a little cafe dedicated to the Snoopy
 Franchise. Yes, you heard me - I got myself a little latte in the Charlie Brown cafe.

"I happen to also be taking style tips from the boy himself."

You can find this spot in Tsim Tsa Tsui. (TST for short.) A short walking distance from Hong        Kong's Science Museum
 - an area known for it's tourist attractions including our amazing Victoria Harbour.


     In the Charlie Brown Cafe, there are a range of different coffee's to chose from, which is always a      winner in my books AND it also comes with the option of going hot or cold. (Enter burst of song -        Hot or Cold by Katy Perry.)

   When you place your order, you can choose which character from the franchise you want
   imprinted on your coffee. Naturally in the group, Woodstock was a favourite out of the infamous
   three. The cafe also comes with food including a variety of desserts and even an all day breakfast
   is on the menu.

   As the Chinese New Year celebrations start tomorrow, the cafe was a nice after work gathering
   before the holidays began. Another cafe off my list but alas, I am still looking for that perfect cup
   of coffee.

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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong