Winter has hit Hong Kong this February and it's hit it across the field by a long shot. Even during the Christmas period, the sun came out on an almost daily basis whilst I sat on my rooftop treating myself to a quick tan. I should have expected after living here for so long in the past however, I clearly had forgotten what a winter was like in these parts. 

Before I underwent my daily ritual of Hazelnut Syrup and coffee, I grabbed my ultimate go-to item this winter - a simple Black Faux Fur coat to ease the bite of the frost and buried myself in layers of knitwear and socks. Faux Fur coats is a statement piece that never goes out of season and versatile all the while. I personally got my little coat second hand from Depop (an excellent app might I add). Due to it's style, even if you are not as lucky to find such a bargain second hand - this style of coat never goes out of fashion in any of the high street stores. I think this just goes to show how much this item is loved worldwide. 

Due to my job, my dress code is rather limited to comfort and practicality so I won't lie when I say I have become sort of lazy in my choice of outfits since of late. However, the best part of a Faux fur coat is how easy it is to dress down, all the more still remaining warm. Pairing it up with jeans or a pair of leggings and complimented with your favourite trainers, what more could you ask for in an outfit?

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