Three Wick Candles feat. Bath and Body Works

Am I right in saying the 'throw' on these candles is pretty much fantastic? (I didn't even know that was a term.) Ever since I have moved to to my own place in the countryside of Hong Kong (yes, it's not all just skyscrapers and traffic), home scents have been so important to me since day one. Candles are an easy and quick decor makeover for any home and the right scent helps shift the mood for your whole interior. Now, seeing as I am still starting out, my interior isn't exactly up for peeps just yet but I have made it a place to call home with something as simple as keeping the air light and fresh.

My personal preferences lie in simple floral or fruity scents - nothing too overpowering and just enough to make it feel like it was Spring / Summer all year round. Bath and Body Works was a recent discovery thanks to a friend of mine and I have never looked back. It's close competitors, the Yankee Candle can give you a some sort of comparison in terms of 'throw' power however, I personally would chose Bath and Body works every time. The packaging is adorable and their candle names are a lot of fun.

Hong Kong