Pineapples and Satay at Pataya

Thai food has only recently become one of my favourite types of cuisine. Back when I was living in the UK, my first choice always resided in a good Chinese restaurant whenever I was out for some grub. Moving back to Hong Kong, I can now have all the Chinese cuisine I could possibly desire, right at my doorstep. But, as they say, a bit of change doesn't hurt anyone and recently I have found myself craving the taste of Thailand. 

Pataya is a bustling little joint that can be found in the New Territories. Tai Mei Tuk is known for its lovely scenery and opens it's arms to strangers near and far with their water sports, biking trails and hiking hot spots. Pataya is not hard to miss and can be found right on Ting Kok road. The menu offers a wide range of dishes in both Chinese and English (absolutely tourist friendly) and my particular favourite came in the shape of a pineapple. Why would I pass out on that? Being reasonably priced and undeniably tasty, I'd say Pataya hit the head on the head on the nail when it came to curing my craving. A recommended treat if you're ever in the area which also delivers a lovely day out with friends and family.