Eat Well Cafe

Eat Well is a newly established cafe that is part of the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) organisation founded in Hong Kong in 2010. KFBG has recently branched out and created the Green Hub Centre which focuses on sustainable living.

The Green Hub Centre can be found in Tai Po, within the New Territories district. It is located in the Old Tai Po Police Station and refurbished to encourage a lifestyle based on tuning with nature and interacting with the local community.

Eat Well Cafe can be found at the centre and is completely vegetarian! They provide guests with food straight from the farm located just outside which guarantees your food to be fresh, natural and local. Not to mention, it was absolutely delicious.  You can opt for an individual portion, a 3 item set or a 4  item set. The menu ranges from soups, rice, salads and even vegan desserts. After your meal, you are also required to clean up after yourself which I thought was a great idea as it's only fair and felt quite satisfying in the end. I am extremely grateful to have this little place within my area as it's very difficult to find vegetarian dishes this side of Hong Kong. I personally can't wait to visit this little spot again and would love it if people joined me on the journey towards sustainable living.
Tai Po, Hong Kong