After visiting the Phi Phi Islands, I continued my journey in Thailand to see a completely different side to Thailand that I didn't quite expect. Patong is West of Phuket and much more urban than the islands. This is where we stayed and quite central in tourist activities and attractions. There are still many jungle areas to explore but this half of my Thailand trip was dedicated to physical activities and adventure.

Quad biking through the jungle
This was one of the first planned activities and I feel is pretty standard in any adventure based break. It was fun and so great to see that I wouldn't be just seeing buildings for the rest of my trip. Be wary, however, as rubber trees are very popular in this climate and also very expensive. If you're not responsible whilst on the tour and happen to scratch or crash into one, YOU will be the one paying for it.

Part of the quad biking package involved riding on the main streets and up towards the Big Buddha in Karon. It was a beautifully clear day and once you reach the top, you can overlook parts of the city of Karon and Patong in the distance. It was lovely absorbing a bit of culture and I really enjoyed having a look at all the various shrines dotted around the place. Despite being a major tourist attraction, this is still a place for people to come and pay respects towards their religion so out of respect for them, be discreet with what you wear and find a stall in the area where you can borrow a sarong.

Water rafting
We looked into a lot of activities before we departed and one of them was Water Rafting. The tour picked you up first thing in the morning and drove you all the way up to Phang Nga which was a good 4-5 hours away. If you don't have the patience to be confined in a van then I wouldn't suggest this particular activity. Eventually, when you get there, you get your gear on and journey through the jungle on a rough river getting splashed at by all the other rafters. This was fun for me, but might not be fun for others. Afterwards, we were offered some lunch and then taken to some beautiful little waterfalls in the area.

Bungee jumping!
I am still extremely proud of myself on this one. I conquered my fear of heights and jumped without hesitation. If you haven't done something like this before, I really recommend giving it a go if you want that extra bonus tick off your bucket list. Jungle Bungy Jump were friendly, light hearted and located in the middle of the jungle. Once at the top, there was a beautiful view overlooking the trees and the jump is located right over a lake so if you fancy a dunk, just ask.

Flying Hanuman Zip line
This is another way to explore the jungle and truly a fun and unique way to do so. Zip lining through the trees was a real treat and the staff here were incredible! They were qualified and liked to joke around. My partner and I decided on the whole package which also included a lunch. This takes up about half a day so there is still lots of time in the evening to do some exploring.

Check out the nightlife
The nightlife was insane. Patong Beach is a whole strip filled with bars, nightclubs and underground activity. Be warned, many promoters will be offering a chance to watch a ping pong show. Heaving with tourists, you get the chance to socialise and meet people from around the world. If it is your thing, I would give it a try because, why not.

Get a massage
Ah, bliss! After all the hardcore activities, right by our hotel were an array of massage parlours that we couldn't resist. We stumbled upon one that was hosted by a funny, outgoing woman who was just fun to be around. The massages were heavenly and I even treated myself to a cucumber facial. There are hundreds of parlours around Patong so keep an eye out and enjoy your break with a well deserved foot rub.

Something to note
Although I had a lot of fun venturing around, ticking a lot off my bucket list, I do feel the need to warn you about the other attractions in Patong that are constantly being shoved in your face. I am a firm believer against animal cruelty and there are still to this day, a lot of tourist attractions built around elephant riding and meeting sedated tigers kept in cages. It saddens me that this is still going on and a lot of the time and I just wanted to let you know of what to expect. Patong was a completely different side to Thailand but still an interesting and lively place to visit. I enjoyed my time there and did some wonderful things I never thought I would. It is now a place where I associate myself growing, stepping out of my comfort zone and letting my hair down.