Why you should adopt your furry friend

Ever since moving to Hong Kong, I have wanted to get myself a little companion and have done so for a very long time. I adore animals and when I previously lived in Hong Kong, I have always been a dog owner. However, working full time, 6 days a week, I know my lifestyle is not best suited for a dog. It would have been unfair and selfish of me to put my wants before the needs of my future friend. This is when I started to look into adopting a cat.

Worldwide, there is an awful amount of animal in need of home and shelter. Still to this day, people are abandoning these animals, neglecting them or raising them in horrific circumstances. It still shocks me, after all we have achieved, that such animalistic behaviour comes from us as people.

Animal Welfare in Hong Kong - Whether you have a pet or not, we are surrounded by animals and animal products. A highly populated city, especially one as dense as Hong Kong, means it effects a large amount of animals locally. We have our fair share of wildlife and in many cases, the means are in place to help protect these creatures. However, the same can not be said for pets. Dogs, Cats and other pet animals are constantly being abandoned in Hong Kong. 

What to expect
After doing the research and looking through the various shelters situated in Hong Kong, I decided to take a look at the Lifelong Animal Protection Charity. They help both dogs and cats and offer a variety of ways you could contribute towards animal welfare. Donations, Volunteering, Fostering and Adopting are all ways you could help the Charity.

After filling in an adoption form, a member of staff gets in contact with you to better understand your living arrangements. Who will be there, how big, what floor etc. They truly do care about where their animals are going to ensure they are safe and happy in that environment. After I got accepted, for some it may take up to two weeks, mine was immediate, you are free to visit the centre as much as you want to really bond with the cats and decide if you get along with each other.

My cat, Carmelita, once Gracie (!), was not so friendly at the centre. She didn't want attention, and preferred if you looked at her from a distance which resulted in her not being adopted for a very long time. Carma, for short, is 7 years old, and was one of the longest standing cats at the shelter which I believe explained her moods and unwillingness to get to know any of the visitors. Queen Bee, they called her and her story broke my heart so, my partner and I decided to take a leap of faith and share our home with her. We do not regret the decision.

Within a week, she grew confident, playful and became very affectionate. Overtime, we have learnt she is incredible smart, quite vocal, when she thinks we're not at home, she like to call for us, and enjoys playing fetch, lying on my chest and rubbing herself against your feet. We could not be more overjoyed. We have grown to love our dear Carmelita with all our hearts and I would even safely say I miss her incredibly when at my 8-5. My point is, it doesn't matter whether they are old, secondhand and unloved in their previous life. All of them deserve a chance to find a home and it just takes that leap of faith to realise they want to love you just as much.