I'm Alexis Anne, the voice behind the screen. Welcome to my blog. Whilst I am presently sat here in my office desk contemplating whether to get up and make a coffee, I am also debating on what is best to say in this little section of formality. 

To start off with, I think age is the best bet. I am currently in my twenty-somethings and living my rather busy life in the city I grew up in - Hong Kong. I first discovered the world of blogging whilst I studied in the UK and found it a great way to express my thoughts. Among my journey, I have had several career changes, moved back to my home country and picked up a few nifty 'talents' along the way. This is always a 'fun' topic at dinner parties (most think I'm mad). Without going into too much detail, I have an adoration to personal style, amazing food and city living. On top of that, I am always in search for that perfect cup of  (overpriced) coffee, where nothing beats sitting in it's aroma whilst reading a good book. 

"Some of my other affections involve endlessly cooing over dogs, snapping pictures with my polaroid camera and working on my illustrations."

In my blog, I will be dabbling in the world that is city living or at least what life is like in Hong Kong. It's a place that contains the best of both worlds in fact and I hope I can portray it in a way that compliments my home. As you can imagine, good food does not come short in this part of the world and I am exited to share with you all the cuisines I shall be indulging in every so often. Finally, my personal style has changed many times over the years and in the years to come, it will change further still. For the most part, I still love the world of fashion and will be posting about personal style for you to take a gander at during your morning coffee. Saying that, I think that is everything you need to know! Have fun.

I am happy to collaborate with brands as long as they are relevant to the theme of my blog. Honesty is the best policy therefore all my reviews are extremely honest in my perspective. Please get in touch if you want to learn more. To contact me, feel free to leave me a message or email me via hello@alexisanneofficial.com.

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