I'm Alexis Anne, the voice behind the screen. Whilst I am presently sat here contemplating whether to get up and make a coffee, I am also debating on what is best to say in this little section of formality. 

To start off with, I think age is the best bet. I am currently in my mid twenties and living it up in the city of Hong Kong. Despite it's reputation, Hong Kong is not just skyscrapers and flashing lights. I dwell in a little village apartment in the countryside with my family and adopted feline madame. 

I discovered blogging as a means to explore different lifestyles, travel experiences and worldwide sustainability. I felt inspired to push towards the same path. I teach English as part of my day job and when I am not working, I like to indulge myself with a hot drink and a good read. I enjoy discovering the many different sides to Hong Kong and I aspire to venture through much of Asia. Among my journey, I have had several career changes, moved back to my home country and picked up a few nifty 'talents' along the way. 

"Some of my affections involve finding ways to be as sustainble and minimal as I can and exploring different ways to grow as an individual. "